The European Parliament hosted the conference: “Facing the crisis of the family in the name of the children”

On 23rd October the European Parliament in Strasbourg hosted an important conference on parental separation and divorce in Europe “Facing the crisis of the family in the name of the children”.

Children are the most vulnerable parties in the event of family conflicts and their rights, as enshrined in Article 24 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, need to be protected. Unfortunately the rate of divorces is rapidly increasing with huge consequences for children’s welfare.

In the presence of Ms Roberta Angelilli, Vice President of the European Parliament with responsibility for children's rights and European Parliament mediator for international parental child abduction, and Mr Carlo Casini, President of Constitutional Affairs Commission, the event was an ideal occasion to present the first European survey on children's custody, by the Italian paediatrician Vittorio Vezzetti, scientific responsible of the platform for joint custody, co-parenting and childhood named “Colibrì”.